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Water for developers, contradicts region's message

Region's water wise message for Halton Hills Councillors

Halton Hills: Despite the Region's water concerns for not only our municipal supply, but also a sustainable ecosystem, The 'NEW' Tanner reports that town council "will approve plans" for a 23-unit condominium development complex.


Is your community newsprint worth its carbon footprint?

Halton Hills: Aside from the lack of investigative journalism, the often controversial editorial views, the slanted news reports or the unopposed-verbatim-government-released 'news' articles that they're often paid to print, the marketing literature found stuffed in our local newsprint can have a five year lifespan, which many are now realising, is not worth its carbon footprint.


Who Should Pay for the Regional Infrastructure Required to Support Growth in Halton?

By Regional Chair Gary Carr

Halton Hills: Who should pay for the Regional roads, water and wastewater infrastructure that is required to support growth in Halton? This is a very important question that Regional Council will be considering at the Regional Council meeting on July 15, 2009.

I am requesting your assistance and looking for your comments on this very important matter. Halton Regional staff have identified requirements for over $2.4 billion in water, wastewater and road infrastructure over the next 12 years to support planned development. The Region’s Official Plan requires that Regional Council approve an acceptable financing plan before development can proceed. The financing plan determines who pays and who assumes the risks of financing required infrastructure – Regional taxpayers or developers.


Mayor's Plan to Ensure the Future Economic Viability of Halton Hills, Will Cost Taxpayers Millions, Upon Millions More

Halton Hills - Hornby: The mayor's plan; "to jump-start investment in our community" will cost taxpayers another two million dollars. The Region accidently drilled into our aquafilter at the Sixth Line Pumping Station, draining more than 55 wells in the Hornby area, and the problem still isn't fixed, nor has the full impact on the north Halton aquafilter system been properly assessed.


Chong's Arguments Against Urban Sprawl

Wellington-Halton Hills: This is the first part in a series of articles that will examine one of the biggest challenges we face as a society, in Wellington-Halton Hills and throughout Canada.


Did Halton's Development Serpent Grow a New Head?


Marijuana Compound May Stop Breast Cancer From Spreading, Study Says


Will Halton Hills Council's 'Culture of Secrecy' - Come to an End?

Ontario's Ombudsman - André Marin


"What's in it for Acton"? More..
Speaking of unresolved traffic hazards...

Savoline wins narrow victory

John Tory _ Joyce Savoline


Take Steps to Reduce the Spread of Illness


“If they took the money to allow these people to pollute, than shame on them”

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What's bugging Bubbles?

Every week we take a peek at what’s bugging 'Bubbles' and this week (Dec. 13), as most predicted, Mike indulged himself in another tangent over fellow citizens, friends and neighbours dropping Christ from their Christmas. But this year Mike took it a step further, insisting societies in other parts of the globe - keep Santa's "Ho's" in their Christmas, too.

This weeks article


Canadians, Geoblocked from online media

Who would have thought Canadians, like the Chinese, would have government restrictions - denying them access to online media?

Halton: As more and more Canadians begin to explore the vast array of FREE online media that's abundantly available for streaming to many of the new 'home theater systems', they begin to discover how CRTC regulations are imposing access restrictions upon what Canadians can access, online.


MSB Surplus Lands - SOLD

Illustration of proposed development

Halton Hills: Those against the sale lost in a vote of 4-8. Local HDSB Trustee Gerry Ockenden, trustee Peggy Russell and two student trustees voted against the motion to sell.

Ockenden attempted to get MSB list of capital repairs linked to the sale proceeds but the motion was deferred as trustees couldn't come to a decision.


Dangerous invasive species, knocking on Halton Hills' door

4th Line/Esquesing Line _ Fith Side Road

Halton Hills: On Fourth Line, just 1 kilometer south from the town line of Halton Hills, a large infestation of Giant Hogweed that has flowered, is preparing to spread its seeds. Giant Hogweed, is a non-native invasive plant that is popping up throughout Halton Region. The plant poses a serious threat to human health and the natural ecosystem. The sap contained in the hairs covering the plant and in the stem can cause severe burns when in contact with skin and can cause blindness in the eyes.


SOS: Save our space
MSB not for sale

Halton Hills: The MSB (McKenzie-Smith Bennett Public School) Parent Council Newsletter recently reported: "On January 7, 2009 the Halton District School Board (HDSB) passed a motion in private, without any notice to stakeholders, parents or the town, to sell a portion of MSB property, encompassing vital playground space at MSB along Churchill Road. If the sale proceeds, the process could take place within the year. The land is zoned Institutional. Melissa Secord, Chair of the MSB School Parent Council joined Halton Hills Mayor Rick Bonnette and other councillor members in holding a press conference at theActon Arena last Monday. The group gathered to protest Halton District School Board's decision to sell parcel, or parcels of McKenzie-Smith Bennett School land, to interested parties.


Will “Rabbit out of a Hat” Trick Cost Consumers a 10% Hydro Rate Increase?

Halton Hills: Recently, we read in The Georgetown Independent a news report indicating the Mayor with CAO Perlin made a; steal from Peter (HHHI) deal to pay for Paul (budget increases) leaving us all to wonder when we can expect our hydro rates to increase 10% to make up for the shortfall in Halton Hills Hydro's working capital?


Halton Children's Aid Worker Compromises Private Confidential Client Information


Halton's Catholic District School Board - pulls atheist author's book from library shelf. More...
Acton's 'Three Musketears Skatepark' - a Success. More..

Arrest Made in Tire Slashing Spree. More..
Are Your Marketing Dollars Reaching Your Targeted Consumer?

Papers dumped on the lawn


Halton Hills Council Throws Local Failed Politician, a Bone.


Stephane Dion's new "Special Advisor".


Recreation _ Parks asks how do you want to have fun this winter? More...

Halton Region Issues Request for Proposals for Assisted Housing. More...
If a community is only worth the planning put into it, what’s Halton Hills worth?

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This season - avoid Holiday Tragedies


Announcement of Honourable Michael Chong


Tories challenge Chong's account


UPDATE: Clark Somerville Replaced on Halton Regional Police Services Board

Halton - Halton Hills: Councillor Clark Somerville is no longer a member of the Halton Regional Police Services Board. The Councillor became a main subject of one of the Bureau's own investigations, after the department received complaints logged against the Police Services Board Member.


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